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  Sep 04 - Sep 25   Martial Arts   Spencer-Penn Centre
  All Ages Welcome 6:00 PM 
  Sep 11 - Oct 09   Eat Smart, Move More for Seniors   Martinsville Library
  Learn tips for a healthy lifestyle 10:00 AM 
  Sep 11 - Oct 09   Healthy Foods with Flavor for the Money Saver   Martinsville Library
  Learn tips to eat healthy on a budget! 5:30 PM 
  Sep 21   Friday Morning Jam Session   HJDB Event Center 3289 Riverside Dr, Bassett
  Music, food and fun! 8:30 AM 
  Sep 21   Jamboree   HJDB Event Center 3289 Riverside Dr, Bassett
  Performance by Mountain Highway! 6:00 PM 
  Sep 22   Weave-In at Spencer-Penn   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Basket Weaving, Vendors and Fun 7:30 AM 
  Sep 24   Pastels and Mocktails   Martinsville Library
  Join us and paint at the library 5:30 PM 
  Sep 26   Homeowners & Renters: Protect Yourself from Senior Scams   New College Institute
  Important for Senior Renters 12:00 PM 
  Sep 28   Friday Morning Jam Session   HJDB Event Center 3289 Riverside Dr, Bassett
  Music, food and fun! 8:30 AM 
  Sep 29   Beginning Sewing   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Make a tote to take home 9:00 AM 


  Oct 01   A Night of Hope   Martinsville Library
  Join us to remember cancer victims and survivors 5:30 PM 
  Oct 03   Life Care Planning   New College Institute
  The Estate & Elder Law Ctr of Southside VA 12:00 PM 
  Oct 06   Saturday Afternoon Movie at the Library   Martinsville Library
  Join us for a movie at the library 2:00 PM 
  Oct 11   2nd Thursday Science Talk: Behind the Scenes at VMNH   VMNH
  Behind the Scenes at VMNH 6:00 PM 
  Oct 17   Pioneers & Educators: The History of Booker T. Washington & George Washington Carver   New College Institute
  Speakers: Carl Dehart & Desmond Kendrick 12:00 PM 
  Oct 19   Friday Night Jamboree   HJDB Event Center 3289 Riverside Dr, Bassett
   6:00 PM 
  Oct 20   Family Friendly Movie at the Library  
  Join us for a movie at the library 11:00 AM 
  Oct 20   Afternoon Paint Party   HJDB Event Center 3289 Riverside Dr, Bassett
  Instruction by Genie's Art! 2:00 PM 
  Oct 23   DIY Pet Toys workshop   Martinsville Library
  Make some pet toys at the library 5:30 PM 
  Oct 24   Service Learning & Community Involvement   New College Institute
  Service Learning & Community Involvement 12:00 PM 
  Oct 25   Pub Trivia Night   Mountain Valley Brewing
  Test your trivia knowledge at our Pub Trivia Night 7:00 PM 
  Oct 26 - Oct 27   Art at the Park   Forest Park Country Club
  Two Day Celebration of Art 6:00 PM 
  Oct 26   Bingo - Join the Fun   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Vera Bradley Bingo 6:00 PM 
  Oct 27   Cafe Murder    The Landmark Center
  Join us for a night of murder mystery, fine dining 6:30 PM 


  Nov 08   Boys & Girls Club Annual Dinner    Chatmoss Country Club
  Please Join us for our Annual Dinner & Fundraiser! 5:30 PM 
  Nov 13   Cat Castles Workshop   Martinsville Library
  Come out and make a cat castle! 5:30 PM 
  Nov 18   Special Sunday Concert   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Forever Young 12:30 PM 

Ongoing Events

  Jan 03 - Dec 27   Charles & Rose Hylton Library   Spencer-Penn Centre
  A great place to read 10:00 AM 
  Jan 04 - Dec 13   Chair Aerobics   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Aerobics Free 11:30 AM 
  Jan 04 - Dec 06   Photography Club   Spencer-Penn Centre
  The first Thursday of the month 6:00 PM 
  Jan 04 - Dec 13   Aerobics   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Come workout with Anita 6:30 PM 
  Jan 08 - Dec 27   Open Computer Lab   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Every Monday & Thursday 10:00 AM 
  Jun 02 - Oct 06   Moonshine Tastings   
  Visit Primland for tastings of Blue Ridge Mountain  
  Jun 21 - Oct 01   Spirit Tastings in the 19th Pub: Fridays & Saturday at 9:30 pm  
  Come to the 19th Pub for a night of tasting fun!  
  Sep 08 - Oct 27   Beginning Crochet   Spencer Penn Centre
  Learn the basics  
  Sep 10 - Dec 17   Pre-school Story Time & Play Date   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Great Activity for Pre-schoolers 10:30 AM 
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