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  Feb 01 - Feb 27   20% Off Couples Massages (Sunday-Thursday)   Primland Resort
  Exclusions apply.  
  Feb 23   African American Read-In and Family Day   Piedmont Arts
  Piedmont Arts invites the community to take part i 11:00 AM 
  Feb 24   Special Sunday Concert   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Reminiscing with Robbie & Betty 12:30 PM 
  Feb 24   Murder in the Rear view Mirror   MHC Heritage Center
   3:00 PM 
  Feb 27   Colonial Toys and Their Origins   New College Institute
  Display and demonstration of colonial toys 12:00 PM 


  Mar 02   Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss   Martinsville Library
  Come out and celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday 10:30 AM 
  Mar 02   Saturday Afternoon Movie at the Library   Martinsville Library
  Join us for a movie at the library 2:00 PM 
  Mar 05   History Lecture Series   Martinsville Library
  Come out for our history lecture series 6:00 PM 
  Mar 06   Hospice: Adding Quality of Life to Each Day   New College Institute
  Understanding the role of hospice in time of need 12:00 PM 
  Mar 12 - Mar 26   Singles Meet & Greet Book Edition   Martinsville Library
  Come out and meet some new people! 6:00 PM 
  Mar 16   Family Friendly Movie at the Library   Martinsville Library
  Join us for a movie at the library 11:00 AM 
  Mar 19   Rules of the Road in Retirement   Martinsville Library
  Find out how to prepare for retirement 11:00 AM 
  Mar 19   The Ultimate Guide to Improving Back Pain   New College Institute
  Learn to control back pain 12:00 PM 
  Mar 19   History of Martinsville Speedway   New College Institute
  Informative and fun discussion of the speedway 12:00 PM 
  Mar 19   What Happens When the Paycheck Stops   Martinsville Library
  Find out how to prepare for retirement 5:30 PM 
  Mar 24   World War II Veteran Documentary    Martinsville-Henry County Heritage Center & Museum
  World War II Veteran Documentary 3:00 PM 
  Mar 27   Mobility Management/SCSEP   New College Institute
  Southern Area Agency on Aging programs 12:00 PM 
  Mar 30   Bassett Historical Center    Bassett High School
  Fundraiser 7:00 PM 


  Apr 03   Eat to Heal! Superfoods That Fight Cancer   New College Institute
  Learn about anti-angiogenic foods that fight cance 12:00 PM 
  Apr 10   Estate Planning: 5 at 55   New College Institute
  What you need to know to protect yourself 12:00 PM 
  Apr 17   How Martinsville & Henry County Became an Industry Powerhouse   New College Institute
  From tobacco to furniture to textiles 12:00 PM 
  Apr 23   Volunteer Fair   New College Institute
  Looking for ways to give back? 3:00 PM 


  May 01   How to be an Antiques Detective   New College Institute
  Is it treasure or trash? 12:00 PM 
  May 09   Creating a Button Tree   New College Institute
  Create a one of a kind work of art 3:00 PM 
  May 15   Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Your Hearing   New College Institute
  May is Better Hearing & Speech Month 12:00 PM 
  May 22   History of Beaver Creek Plantation   New College Institute
  Presented by Carter Bank & Trust 12:00 PM 
  May 30   Tour and Taste at Hamlet Vineyards   TBD
  An off-campus event 1:00 PM 


  Jun 05   Asset Protection and Medicaid Planning   New College Institute
  Protect yourself now for later years 12:00 PM 
  Jun 10 - Jun 11   AARP Smart Driver Course   New College Institute
  Two-day course 10:00 AM 
  Jun 26   Old News is Good News   New College Institute
  Long time journalists reveal the back story 12:00 PM 


  Jul 02   Dinosaur Discovery   New College Institute
  VMNH lecture and exhibit 12:00 PM 
  Jul 10   Mindset + Motivation = Movement   New College Institute
  Recipe for Healthy Success 12:00 PM 
  Jul 17   100 Parks in 200 Days   New College Institute
  Vacation memories of a lifetime 12:00 PM 
  Jul 24   From Seed to Story: Cultivating a Love of Writing   New College Institute
  Personal writing inspiration 12:00 PM 


  Aug 07   What Is Social Media All About?   New College Institute
  Basics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 12:00 PM 
  Aug 14   Facebook Fun (damentals)   New College Institute
  A basic lesson for beginners 12:00 PM 
  Aug 21   It's 2019, No Need For a Photo Album!   New College Institute
  Have tons of digital photos, but now what? 12:00 PM 


  Sep 04   School Days - A Look Back   New College Institute
  A look back at our schools of yesteryear 12:00 PM 
  Sep 11   Architecture Is My Delight   New College Institute
  Thomas Jefferson's love of architecture 12:00 PM 
  Sep 18   Basic First Aid Training for Seniors   New College Institute
  Presented by Martinsville Fire & EMS 12:00 PM 
  Sep 21   Mini-Health Fair   New College Institute
  Free to attend 9:00 AM 
  Sep 25   Fiber Art Project   New College Institute
  Pretty and practical 12:00 PM 


  Oct 02   Life Care Planning   New College Institute
  Protect your loved ones 12:00 PM 
  Oct 16   Long-Term Care Ombudsman/VICAP   New College Institute
  Senior programs available 12:00 PM 
  Oct 21 - Oct 22   AARP Smart Driver Course   New College Institute
  Two-Day Course 10:00 AM 
  Oct 23   Cybersecurity for Seniors   New College Institute
  Protect yourself from viruses and scams 12:00 PM 
  Oct 29   Basics of Geneaology   New College Institute
  Two-hour session 10:00 AM 


  Nov 06   Finances After 50   New College Institute
  Money Smart Advice 12:00 PM 
  Nov 13   Balance Training for Improving Quality of Life   New College Institute
  Improve balance for preventing falls 12:00 PM 


  Dec 04   iPad Basics   New College Institute
  iPad basics plus 10 cool apps 12:00 PM 

Ongoing Events

  Nov 15 - Mar 21   Book Discussion   Spencer-Penn Centre
  in the Charles & Rose Hylton Library 3:00 PM 
  Jan 03 - Dec 31   Charles & Rose Hylton Library   Spencer-Penn Centre
  A great place to read 10:00 AM 
  Jan 03 - Dec 12   Chair Aerobics   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Aerobics Free 11:30 AM 
  Jan 03 - Dec 05   Photography Club   Spencer-Penn Centre
  The first Thursday of the month 6:00 PM 
  Jan 03 - Dec 12   Aerobics   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Come workout with Anita 6:30 PM 
  Jan 07 - Dec 19   Open Computer Lab   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Every Monday & Thursday 10:00 AM 
  Jan 07 - Dec 16   Pre-school Story Time & Play Date   Spencer-Penn Centre
  Great Activity for Pre-schoolers 10:30 AM 
  Jan 10 - Dec 12   Martial Arts   Spencer-Penn Centre
  All Ages Welcome 6:00 PM 
  Mar 02 - Dec 07   Board Game Day at the Library   Martinsville Library
  Play a game at the Martinsville Library 10:00 AM 
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